Kuznetskie Metal Constructions, LLC (earlier – Kuznetsky Metal Constructions Plant) is one of the oldest and largest Russian enterprises in the sphere of manufacturing of steel structures (designed capacity – 80,000 tonnes of steel structures a year, manufacturing area – 64,000 square metres).

The plant was found in 1941 on the base of steel structures plant relocated from Dnepropetrovsk.

Our plant specializes on manufacturing of building structures and structures for highway and railroad bridges.

Since the moment it was found more than 3,466,000 tones of steel structures were produced, including 37,000 tonnes of bridge constructions, and 130,000 tonnes exported.

Nowadays the plant produces 30,000 tonnes per year and has the ability to increase manufacturing rates.

There are around 1200 employees working on the plant, whereof 400 specialists with higher and professional education.

The plant is equipped with all necessary processing equipment including automated and semi-automated CNC lines for welding of steel structures, CNC machine tools, equipment for shot-blasting of metal before fabrication and treatment before applying anticorrosive coating.

There are 57 electric bridge cranes which allow to mechanize the process of steel structures fabrication. Cranes with maximum capacity up to 60 tones enable manufacturing of large-sized constructions including bridge superstructures.

Anticorrosive treatment of the supplied steel structures is carried out using modern foreign and home manufacturers of paint such as SteelPaint, Hempel, International Paint, Teknos, CJSC «Morozovsky Chemical Plant».

There are many objects in our country as well as near and far abroad where structures supplied by our plant still serve good.

Ones of the best known such sites in Russia are:

  • —first welded bridge over Dnepr river in Kiev;
  • welded pre-stressed bridge over the river Tom in Novokuznetsk;
  • —steel structures for framework of the Palace of Congresses in Moscow;
  • —steel structures for framework of hotel «Russia», «National»;
  • —steel structures for pavilion «Space» at All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow;
  • —metal frame of the obelus in honor of the first Earth's satellite in Moscow.

Countries which ordered steel structures for their objects are India, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Algeria, Yugoslavia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Iran, Korea.

The plant is certified according to international standards ISO 9002:94, issued by german company «TÜV-Cert», registration number 75 100 8961.