Steel constructions for unique support for the Elga

Factory "Kuznetsk metal structures" signed a contract for the delivery of a new batch of unique precast reinforced concrete sections of bodies of metal poles (the development of the Branch of OJSC TsNIIS "research center "Bridges") for the construction of a railway siding, which will connect the Ulak station of the Baikal-Amur mainline with the Elga coal Deposit (Yakutia).
Earlier, the "KM" has manufactured and supplied over 4000 tons of reinforced concrete sections bodies metal poles for this project.

Construction going on special stands, the welding is done on automated line of firm "ESAB", all the supports are a test Assembly, then blast cleaning and painting the

The group Mechel would invest $3 billion in development and management of JSC "'gaugol '" for 7-10 years. The construction of the railway is the first phase of the development of the Elga Deposit. The road project also includes the construction of 420 artificial constructions, among which 194 of the bridge. The planned capacity of the path after completion of all stages of construction will amount to 25-30 million tonnes per year. Putting into permanent operation of the railway will occur no later than September 30, 2010 In accordance with the capital investment program for 2008-2012 in the construction of the railway, Mechel plans to invest about $1.3 billion in the Construction of this rail journey provides a national "Strategy of development of railway transport of the Russian Federation till 2030"

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